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Doctor Who | Jodie Whittaker Title Sequence

7 months ago

Not for reupload It's been a very long time since I made one of these, and with a brand new, totally redeveloped era of Doctor Who on the horizon, it seemed fitting to make a comeback. It wasn't my intention to create something with the standard outline of most other title sequences, a formula which I think has been done to death. It had to be cinematic and refined, and most of all a return to the abstract, more eerie look of yesteryear. This sequence showcases the new Doctor, standing amongst the universe and alongside the brand new Logo, seen trundling down a cloud of kaleidoscopic shapes and abstract patterns (referencing the original howlaround title sequences from the show's early years). No TARDIS darting around (although of course she does still make an appearance, if you keep your eyes peeled). A link to Timothy X Atack's theme music used in the sequence: http://sleepdogs.org/2015/09/doctor-version/ Thanks very much for watching! Doctor Who and it's associated material belongs to the BBC. All original content and concepts © Dave Burgess Motion Graphics and Design 2013-2018




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