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Diddy Responds To Eminem's Diss 'Killshot' And How He Will HANDLE Eminem

1 month ago

Did Diddy threaten Eminem over his MGK diss track? Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/hHvOf8 Is Eminem now feuding with hip-hop mogul Diddy? In August 2018, rapper Eminem put out his most talked about album “Kamikaze.” The lyrical rapper dissed a lot of hip hop artists on the album but who didn’t make the album but on another diss track was hip-hop mogul Diddy. Diddy has been in the hip hop industry for over two decades and has continued to dominate the entertainment industry by being the highest paid rapper in the world. In the diss track, “Killshot,” Eminem not only disses rapper Machine Gun Kelly, but he also throws in Diddy’s name into the mix. After fans and critics heard Diddy’s name they didn’t even care about MGK anymore, fans wanted to know why did Eminem throw such a jab? After releasing the diss track and mentioning Diddy’s name in a very controversial lyric, Diddy has finally responded on how he will handle Eminem. Want to find out how Diddy responded? Well, keep watching.




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